Special Dinners

(For two or more only)
Entries selection of one per person, including Fried Rice or Steamed Rice
A. Family Style Dinner (Per Person)
Soup:Hot & Sour Soup
Appetizers:Egg Roll
Paper Wrapped Chicken
Entrees: Spicy Chicken
Broccoli Beef
Cashew Chicken
Pepper Beef
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Bean Curd with Black Mushrooms
B. Home Style Dinner (Per Person)
Soup:Wor Wonton Soup
Appetizers:Egg Roll
Paper Wrapped Chicken
B.B.Q. Sliced Pork
Entrees: Aromatic Chicken
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables
Three Ingredients Taste
Mongolian Beef
Braised String Beans with Ground Beef
Spicy Black Bean Sauce Chicken
C. County Style Dinner (Per Person)
Soup:Three Flavor Sizzling Rice Soup
Appetizers:Pu Pu Tray
Entrees: Aromatic Chicken
Garlic Sauce Scallops
Kung Pao Beef
Lemon Chicken
Tangerine Chicken
Shanghai Crispy Fish Filet